Online Training

Online training lets you access self-paced training modules designed to help you boost performance, ensure compliance, or improve customer service within the publicly-funded workforce system. You can find more than 50 online training modules from the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) for the topics below.

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Business Services

Benefit from a training series for Business Services Representatives and others involved in expanding employer engagement within the workforce system.

Labor Market/Workforce Information

Gain a basic understanding of labor market information through training designed for all workforce system employees.

Veterans Priority of Service

Find self-paced training on Federal regulations and recommended procedures for identifying, serving and recording services, including but not limited to, providing priority of service to Veterans and covered persons.

Workforce System 101

Gain an introduction to the workforce system in eight parts, with each module offering the choice to learn from one of three perspectives: as a new workforce system employee, a new Workforce Investment Board (WIB) member, or a more experienced workforce system employee.