Regional Jobs Initiative: Fresno County

Posted by Margaret Lamb - On May 10, 2007 (EST)

The Regional Jobs Initiative in Fresno County Ca seeks to fundamentally transform the approach to economic development in the San Joaquin Valley. Fresno County has taken a cluster approach to guide its economic planning process. The public private partnership consisting of 430 business CEO’s and 23 public sector agencies seeks to initially create 30,000 jobs in Nine industry led clusters: Water Technology, Agile Manufacturing, Logistics & Distribution, Food Processing, Information Processing, Innovative Energy, Health Care, Construction, Tourism.

A good example of how an area can use cluster analysis to guide planning and provide a common foundation for a partnership.

The Fresno WIB has also been busy in other areas – business services, non-profit development, and sector strategies. Here are some other Fresno profiles on

Businsses as Our Primary Customer

Author: Pamela Lassetter, Assistant Director, Fresno County WIB

This presentation explores why a business-focused system might be the best model for your WIB. The Fresno County WIB found that many traditional employment and training programs did not lead job seekers to careers and quality of life. By changing its focus to the needs of businesses in its community, the Fresno County WIB is now able to offer job seekers more and improved occupational choices, and businesses a better qualified labor pool.

Making Your WIB A Nonprofit Corporation: Learn from the Experts

Author: Blake Konczal

This presentation by the Fresno County WIB’s counsel describes the comparative benefits of a public entity and a private non profit entity. The example is important for WIBs to consider as a non profit entity can often be more flexible with contracts/personnel, more able to remain above political infighting and can more easily access foundation funds. The presentation gives WIBs the foundation and the

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