Partnerships between Workforce Develpment and the SBA as an Economic Development Strategy

Posted by - On March 16, 2006 (EST)

New businesses create jobs, improve communities, and expand the U.S. economy. Self-employment programs are a valuable option for motivated individuals who wish to pursue the American dream of owning their own business. Self-employment also is a viable option for those individuals who have barriers to employment which can be minimized through self-employment. Participants will learn about specific ETA initiatives and policies designed to help people who are interested in starting or expanding a business. The Small Business Administration will present SBA's vision, goals and available services, as well as recent research on the “future of the economy.” Finally, speakers from Minnesota 's workforce system will discuss how the state's WorkForce Centers have addressed the business community's needs. Practical, proven development programs and strategies such as Town Hall meetings, roundtable meetings, and Small Business Resource Fairs will be discussed during the webinar.

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