Stacking the Deck: Effective Strategies for Engaging Employers

Posted by - On January 17, 2008 (EST)

Adam Shandrow will present effective strategies on recruiting employers by linking their wants and needs to the benefits of hiring older workers. Employers need and want knowledge, simplicity, and a strong return on their investment when hiring employees and should know the ways in which older workers can assist with these matters. First it is important to stress the current demographic shifts in the workforce. Older individuals are a rapidly growing population and many need to work after the age of 55. Since many businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on their human capital and there is a growing talent shortage, the abundance of older individuals who are ready to work can make these shifts occur more efficiently. Second, employers should know that partnering with SCSEP to hire older workers can give them the simplicity they want and need. SCSEP will make the match, give them a single point of contact (via phone or email), understand their protocols, and so on. The third matter to emphasize is that employers are looking for a strong return on their investment. Older workers bring experience, knowledge, and specific skill sets to the job. They have a strong work ethic and have the ability to be flexible. In summary, communicating these benefits to employers can ultimately help SCSEP participants find unsubsidized employment and through the placement, the hiring organization will also benefit.

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