Pre-Conference: Multiple Education Pathway Learning Exchange

Posted by - On November 04, 2008 (EST)

Over 30 communities, supported by public and private sector organizations, are engaged in various efforts to determine how to improve graduation rates through early intervention, the re-engagement of youth who have dropped out, investing in innovative alternative learning environments, and integrating these efforts into high school reform. ETA and co-sponsors are convening the Multiple Education Pathways Learning Exchange as an opportunity for participants to share knowledge and best practices and to identify common challenges and potential solutions in their efforts to re-engage youth who have dropped out or who are at risk of dropping out. This Webinar will provide an overview of each of the initiatives represented at the learning exchange and address the specific goals and objectives of the event. Since the learning exchange is intended as a working meeting, this Webinar will review the event agenda and describe how participants can come prepared and ready to engage their peers. It is strongly encouraged that all learning exchange attendees participate in one of the pre-exchange Webinars to ensure that the event is productive and informative for all involved.

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