Employing, Retaining, and Accommodating the Aging Workforce

Posted by Margaret Lamb - On May 26, 2011 (EST)

Described the need for workplace accommodations to assist older workers age in place, illustrated the available accommodations for older workers; and highlighted the Job Accommodation Network’s resources and website, vis-?-vis older workers.

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Start Date : 05/26/11 02:00PM ET

End Date : 05/26/11 03:00PM ET

Presenter : Burr Corley, Consultant, Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
Teresa Goddard, Consultant, JAN

Moderator : Randee Chafkin, Senior Program Specialist for Disability Programs, Division of Adult Services, Employment and Training Administration
Kathleen Dorcy, Technical Assistance and Training Coordinator, Division of Adult Services, Senior Community Employment Services Program, Employment and Training Administration

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