H-1B Performance Reporting Troubleshooting HUB Webinar

Posted by Margaret Lamb - On July 15, 2013 (EST)

This webinar will provide H-1B Technical Skills Training (TST) and Jobs Accelerator (JA) grantees the opportunity to earn how to troubleshoot common Format Check and Edit Check Errors using the online performance reporting system, HUB. Grantees will have the opportunity to ask questions with system developers and how to correct common errors for successful data file upload to HUB.

Grantees are encouraged to view the recording of the HUB Performance Reporting System Preview and Tutorial webinar available at: https://www.workforce3one.org/view/5001313637170620712/info

The following pre-recorded Prezi is also useful to get you started on using HUB:

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Event has passed.
Start Date : 07/15/13 02:00PM ET

End Date : 07/15/13 03:30PM ET

Presenter : Sarah Sunderlin, Workforce Analyst, Employment and Training Administration
Ayreen Calimquim, Contractor, PEP

Modified On : August 13, 2013
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