Disability Employment Initiative Workforce Employment Networks: Lessons Learned on Serving Ticketholders in the American Job Centers

Posted by Margaret Lamb - On November 18, 2014 (EST)

This webinar will provide Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) grantees and workforce development professionals with key lessons learned from the DEI Workforce Employment Networks that resulted in positive employment outcomes for job seekers receiving Social Security disability benefits. Two customer stories will be shared providing real life examples of how the American Job Center (AJC) services and programs through the Employment Network contributed to their success.

Participants attending the webinar will learn:

  • Key developments and practices of DEI workforce Employments Networks for successful outcomes;
  • The challenges of operating a Workforce Employment Network and pitfalls to avoid;
  • Performance trends of workforce Employment Networks and how to experience success at the local AJC level; and
  • About two real case stories of customers who accessed AJC services and their successful employment outcomes.

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Event has passed.
Start Date : 11/18/14 03:00PM ET

End Date : 11/18/14 04:15PM ET

Presenter : Mary Lynn Revoir, Ticket to Work Coordinator, National Disability Institute
Kevin Nickerson, Ticket to Work Subject Matter Expert, National Disability Institute
Sharyn H. Hancock CESP, Disability Resource Coordinator, Workforce Essentials, Inc.
Shammi C. Carr, Staffing Specialist Tompkins Workforce New York

Moderator : Randee Chafkin, Workforce Development Specialist, U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration
Miranda Kennedy, Director of Training, Disability Employment Initiative, National Disability Institute

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