Long-term Care, Supports, and Services Industry Competency Model

Posted by Margaret Lamb - On September 08, 2010 (EST)

Over the past several months, the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has worked with subject-matter and technical experts to develop a competency model of the core knowledge, skills, and abilities required of workers who provide long-term care, support, and services to those in need of assistance to live independent lives. The model is comprehensive in its definition of long-term care encompassing not just health services but also human, community, and social services. By depicting the commonalities of skill requirements across the industry the model forms a foundation for the more specific requirements of industry sectors such as eldercare in a home environment or an assisted living facility.

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Start Date : 09/27/10 12:00PM ET

End Date : 09/27/10 01:00PM ET

Presenter : Janet Sten, Chief, Division of Workforce System Support, Employment and Training Administration
Rosaly Correa, Deputy Director Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Disability
Steven Edelstein, National Policy Director, PHI
Jessica Barker, Associate Director of Government Relations- Public Policy Initiative, ANCOR

Moderator : Stu Werner, Business Relations Group, Employment and Training Administration

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