Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge: Federal Funding Opportunity Prospective Applicant Webinar

Posted by Margaret Lamb - On June 07, 2011 (EST)

The Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge is an unprecedented initiative leveraging the existing resources from 16 Federal agencies and bureaus to spur economic growth through public-private partnerships in at least 20 regions around the nation. Winning regions will be able to use funds to support a wide range of economic and workforce development activities. During this Webinar, representatives from the Economic Development Administration, the Employment and Training Administration and the Small Business Administration will provide an overview of the Federal funding opportunity and will answer questions from the audience.

To review the FFO (Federal Funding Opportunity), please click here.

We are working to respond to the questions raised during the webinar. Questions about the FFO will be posted to the competition’s FAQ webpage ( as we answer them. Please note, it is not possible for the agencies or bureaus participating in this competition to comment on specific strategies or to provide feedback on proposals.

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